I'm trying to extract the value of the attribute data-asin-price inside a <div> tag

Which in the example below you can see is 22.63

<div id="cerberus-data-metrics" style="display: none;" data-asin="B079GMRZ8S" data-asin-price="22.63" data-asin-shipping="0.0" data-asin-currency-code="AUD" data-substitute-count="-1" data-device-type="WEB" data-display-code="Asin is not eligible because it is not enabled"></div>

Is there any way to do this using response.xpath() with scrapy?

Thank you

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I just wanted to post the answer I found.

To get the 22.63 value our of the data-asin-price attribute in scrapy shell I did the following:

response.xpath('//div[@id = "cerberus-data-metrics"]/@data-asin-price').extract_first()


  • Nice work answering your own question. For clarity, I edited your question and your answer. You are actually trying to extract the value of an attribute, not an element. An HTML/XML element is the tag and everything in it. The attributes are things like style, id, and href and their values that appear in the opening portion of the tag. Knowing this will help you find answers in the future. – pwinz Nov 9 at 19:00
  • @pwinz thank you for the edit and clarification. It will definitely help me in the future. Regards – Jackknife Nov 10 at 8:46

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