So I'm trying to understand this behavior. I open cmd (haven't checked with bash yet) and start a python console.

import subprocess 
proc = subprocess.Popen("cmd",shell=True)

Now I'm back to cmd, and as I would expect hitting ctrl-c bounces me back to python shell but this is where it gets weird because when I hit ctrl-c again instead of printing KeyboardInterupt like it normally does when you press it in the python shell it now bounces back to cmd... and this 'loop' of ctrl-c between shells can continue.

What's going on here??

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Here's a picture to show what I'm seeing. ![enter image description here

  • On Windows 10 with Python3.5, after press ctrl-c, I directly exit the whole process and back to cmd. Or maybe I don't even exit the cmd subprocess? Not sure about it but I never come back to python shell. – Sraw Nov 9 at 1:25
  • What happens if you keep pressing 'ctrl-c' – kpie Nov 9 at 1:29
  • Nothing happens, still in cmd shell. – Sraw Nov 9 at 1:29
  • @Sraw, so you cannot replicate my screenshot? – kpie Nov 9 at 1:36
  • No, not matter how many times I press ctrl-c, I always in cmd shell. – Sraw Nov 9 at 1:41

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