I want to redirect a page when a button 'add new' clicked using this code in controller:

return redirect()->route('viewProfil', ['id' =>$id]);

It should return to this page with url <-- {id}

The route for view_profil page is:

Route::get('/view_profil/{id}', 'Modul\ProfilController@show')->name('viewProfil');

However, it return as this url, without id value:

Why it doesn't retrieve the $id value?

if I change the code to this:

 return redirect()->route('viewProfil', ['id' =>3]);

It will redirect to the right page..

This is the controller code:

public function store(Request $request, Itemregistration $id)
    $data = ['ItemRegistrationID' => $request->itemregistrationid,
             'SectionID' => $request->sectionid,
             'CategoryID' => $request->categoryid,
             'familyname' => $request->familyname,
             'kpfamily' => $request->kpfamily,
             'No_tel' => $request->No_tel,
             'Comments' => $request->Comments,
             'KategoriFamID' => $request->kategori_family,
             'majikan' => $request->majikan,
             'ulasan' => $request->ulasan,
             'PewarisID' => $request->kategori_pewaris,
             'no_akaun' => $request->no_akaun,
             'statusPengundiID' => $request->statuspengundi,

    $itemregistrationkeluarga = DB::table('itemregistrationkeluarga')->insert($data);


        return redirect()->action('Modul\ProfilController@show', ['id' => $id]);

        return redirect()->action('Modul\ProfilController@show', ['id' => $id]);

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