I have made an app in ionic 3 and configured an AdMob banner at the bottom which works (almost) perfectly. Whenever I open the keyboard and close it afterwards, my tab menu at the bottom just slips behind that AdMob banner.

Screenshots: How it looks at the beginning and how it should be

Keyboard is open

Keyboard close and the tab navigation is gone

I already tried to add margins or change the height of app-nav but all of this just resulted in weird, unwanted behaviour.

On the settings page, I also have a button which triggers the EmailComposer, when I close that Email afterwards, the exact same thing happens again.

When the AdMob ad is changed, the tabs just jump right back to their original location (where they should be). I also tried destroying/hiding the ad and then re-showing it when the keyboard is closed but this also, didn‘t change anything about the behaviour.


Solved it by subscribing to the keyboard didHide event and hide the banner for 100ms and re-show it just like here (app.component.ts):

        keyboard.didHide.subscribe(() => {
          admob.banner.hide().then(() => {
            setTimeout(() => admob.banner.show(), 100);

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