I have a Amazon LightSail instace running amazon-ec2 linux. Today I'm running into an issue on ssh connection. Even with port 22 open I really can't connect over putty or using web-based ssh client:

On putty it says Server refused our key and asks for password that I never had, I have used the ppk key and it worked before.

On web-based ssh client it says I have been disconnect (Você foi desconectado in portuguese):

enter image description here

This issue starts after I set 'PasswordAuthentication yes' in /etc/ssh/sshd_config file

I tried to start another instance from old snapshots and the same error occurs. My instance is now inaccessible but it is running and my site is running but I cant use FTP or ssh to connect.


Now I have my data back, I posted a question on amazon forum and support sent me a message:

Hello, Once you've disabled access to your instance, we can't restore it directly. We can help you create a new disk from a snapshot of your instance. You can then attach that disk to another instance to recover your data. If there is another way to restore the data to a new instance or an older snapshot of your instance it may be easier for you than the data recovery process.

Assuming you want to proceed, we'll need the name and region for the latest snapshot of your instance. This can be after the SSH issue because we'll attach the disk to another system – the important thing is to get the most up to date data from your system.

But It wasn't necessary since I have created a startup script and start a new instance from a snapshot running this script at start that sent all data to me using bash.

For those wo can have this throuble in the future here is two solutions: Contact Amazon or Start a new instance from snapshot running a bash script.

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