If I send this form to Micronaut with method='GET' then I can extract param1 as a list of two values ... aaa and bbb

<form action='/test/post' method='GET' >
    <input type='hidden' name='param1' value = 'aaa'/>
    <input type='hidden' name='param1' value = 'bbb'/>            
    <input type='submit' value='Post'/> 

If however I post it and use the method(@Body Map params) and


on the server side only the last value ('bbb') is seen. The same is true if I encode with multipart/form-data instead.

Is this a bug or a feature of Micronaut 1.0.0 ?

  • Can you show what the request body is in both of the failure cases? – James Kleeh Nov 9 at 16:26
  • @James - In the x-www-form-urlencoded case it is param1=aaa&param1=bbb and in the multipart/form-data it is ------WebKitFormBoundaryTRQB1iFcEg1bdcMa Content-Disposition: form-data; name="param1" aaa ------WebKitFormBoundaryTRQB1iFcEg1bdcMa Content-Disposition: form-data; name="param1" bbb ------WebKitFormBoundaryTRQB1iFcEg1bdcMa-- – Alan Littleford Nov 9 at 17:36
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This is a bug that will be handled in the next release

PR submitted: https://github.com/micronaut-projects/micronaut-core/pull/899

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