There's a need to do live debugging in production environment.

Some (bundled) static files are only available at the STATIC_ROOT and having trouble accessing it when running runserver

Is there a way to access STATIC_ROOT when running runserver?

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    FYI: Using runserver in production is a BAD idea. runserver is for development purpose. Use gunicorn/uwsgi for running the server, apache/nginx for serving the static/media contents :) – ruddra Nov 9 at 3:55
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    @ruddra I guess they are already using a production setup but want to temporarily run the dev server for some reason. @eugene You can install a third party package, such as whitenoise to serve static assets. – Selcuk Nov 9 at 3:59
  • I'm running separate runserver on the machine. production server runs on nginx/uwsgi – eugene Nov 9 at 7:01

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