I'm trying to install php 7.2.11 with Homebrew (running Mac OS X High Sierra 10.13.3). Before running the install command, I cleaned out all of my previous Homebrew php directories, ran doctor, etc. When I ran brew install php, it said that "postinstall php did not complete successfully". I then ran

HOMEBREW_DEBUG=1 brew -v postinstall php

The output says

An exception occurred within a child process: Errno::EEXIST: File exists @ syserr_fail2_in -/usr/local/Cellar/php/7.2.11/pecl

The named file is actually a symlink:

pecl -> /usr/local/lib/php/pecl

But /usr/local/lib/php/pecl does not exist. (I'm not looking to necessarily install any PECL extensions.)

Can anyone tell me what this error means and more importantly, how to rectify it?

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