I am trying to conditionally set a classname based on a boolean variable. I have set the variable within the parent component:

  public alteredSidebar: boolean;

And this is my though process behind conditionally defining which class it is:

  <div [class]="alteredSidebar == false ? 'secondsidenav' : 'sidenav'" id="rollup-sidenav" [ngClass]="{ 'greyout': greyOut }"></div>

I have defined 2 classes with css file, one called secondsidenav and another called sidenav. Wherever I set the boolean as false, I would like the classname to equal the secondsidenav and where it is not false it be sidenav. Here is an instance of where I am using it and I am expecting the class to be set to 'secondsidenav':

<app-rollup [data]="rollupData" (resetCalled)="onRollupReset()" (entrySelected)="onRollupSelectEvent($event)" [alteredSidebar]="false">

However I am getting the following error: "Can't bind to 'alteredSidebar' since it isn't a known property of 'app-rollup'."


use @Input() decorator on it

public alteredSidebar: boolean;
  • Did not work for me – Berheet Nov 9 '18 at 2:05
  • Can u provide a bit more code about your question ? – junk Nov 9 '18 at 2:07
  • I have updated it – Berheet Nov 9 '18 at 2:10

As @junk said, you should use the @Input() decorator in the app-rollup component and I'd like to add, do not mix [className] with ngClass, this might not be related to your problem but it gets really buggy if you're using a reactive property to programatically add or remove a class, just pick one and try not to mix them it will also make the code more consistent. Oh, and the correct syntax is [className] you're probably confusing it with [class.foo]="expresion" which will apply the 'foo' class if the expression is true

Personally I'd do something like this, also sticking with one approach is considered a best practice

<div id="rollup-sidenav" [ngClass]="{
  'greyout': greyOut, 
  'secondsidenav': !alteredSidebar,
  'sidenav': alteredSidebar 

Hope that helps, let me know if it doesn't!


@Berheet.. try this

assign the value alteredSidebar in the component itself and pass it like below


public alteredSidebar: boolean = false;


<app-rollup [data]="rollupData" (resetCalled)="onRollupReset()" (entrySelected)="onRollupSelectEvent($event)" [alteredSidebar]="alteredSidebar">

Add Input in child component


@Input() alteredSidebar: boolean;


<div [class]="alteredSidebar == false ? 'secondsidenav' : 'sidenav'" id="rollup-sidenav" [ngClass]="{ 'greyout': greyOut }"></div>

I'd suggest to simply set the div-tags class property conditionally as follows

[class]="alteredSidebar ? 'sidenav' : 'secondsidenav'"

This way you get a more readable condition ? positive case : negative case flow and you don't need to compare your variable to anything.

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