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I need a way to support multiple file filters in either Objective-C or Applescript. It doesn't matter to me which language out of those two, as long as it is one or the other. On Mac, "Allowed File Types" can allow multiple file types, but I need multiple filters. Each "filter" in the dropdown listbox can filter out specific files of one or more types, individually. The screenshot shows the Windows equivalent to what I am talking about. On Mac, next to the dropdown listbox you would see a text label captioned "Enable:", to indicate what filter to enable.

That's what I'd like to achieve, but all I know how to do is the "Allow File Types" part. This is really hard for me to explain, I hope I am making sense. I guess if I were to do it with Objective-C I would use the NSOpenPanel and NSSavePanel, but Apple's documentation doesn't seem to have any info on file filters, only allowed file types.

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  • I wasn't able to find a relevant answer in either link you provided, unless of course I could be missing something. I'm kinda puzzled why anyone would downvote this question? If you think it is a stupid question, or it was not asked properly, downvoting without leaving an explaination is the most unhelpful and unfriendly thing to do possible. Whoever did it, I'd like to hear from them, because I am possibly banned from asking questions again and a large part of that would be their fault. If this question is downvoted, it is declared "not well received" and results in a ban without compromise. – Samuel Joseph Venable Nov 10 at 0:02
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    From the guide: "To present the user with additional options when opening or saving files, add an accessory view to the standard Open and Save panels. … An accessory view lets you add custom controls and views for gathering information or modify the behavior of the panel itself. For example, you might use custom controls to change the set of filters used by the panel". – Willeke Nov 10 at 1:02
  • Thanks for that, I originally payed closer attention to the other link. What you mentioned simply states that it can be done without showing any code example on that specific nor a tutorial on the matter. That said, I still don't see why I continue to being downvoted. It's common knowledge this website has odd standards and a lot of members who will downvote without listing reasons, which I will go out of my way again to say is troll behavior. – Samuel Joseph Venable Nov 10 at 5:37
  • Codeproject ftw :D – Samuel Joseph Venable Nov 10 at 5:40

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