If I'm currently inside of the ViewController that is inside of a container, how can I access the restoration id of the view. So if I'm currently in the ViewController of the view that is inside of the container. How can I access the restoration id that is in the picture that says "topView" I've tried all these options (most of the options I didn't expect to work, but I've been trying everything):


These all print nil

Shows where I'm working with restoration id

  • Self.parent?.view.subviews[0].resto... – E.Coms Nov 9 at 2:18
  • print(self.parent) AND print(self.parent?.view.subviews[0].restorationIdentifier) both print nil as well – Matt Bart Nov 9 at 2:26

You need to find which one is the container UIView.

  override func viewWillAppear(_ animated: Bool) {

 // There are two subviews in this case. The last one is the container view. Your case may be different.

  print  ((self.parent?.view.subviews[0]) )
  print (((self.parent?.view.subviews[1]) as! UIView).restorationIdentifier)

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