I'm using this code to do a Dlookup with two criteria. But it returns values even if both criteria are not matched in the same record. Note that if I put a value instead of 'heat' that does not exist at all in the table then Dlookup does not return a value. I seams it's looking for the criteria separately and not combined in the same record.

I tried this

 DLookup("[Risk ID]", "RA", "[Hazard Category] ='Heat' And [Safety Tag number] = " & SafetyTagNbr)

and This

DLookup("[Risk ID]", "RA", "[Safety tag number] = " & SafetyTagNbr & " AND [Hazard Category] ='Heat'")

For DLookup() you need to insert:

DLookup( "ColumnName", "TableName", "Criteria")

Your syntax is correct, but only if [Safety Tag number] is a Number. If not, then you have to use for your second criteria a String:

DLookup("[Risk ID]", "RA", "[Hazard Category] ='Heat' And [Safety Tag number] = '" & SafetyTagNbr & "'")

If you have more records in your table which statisfie your criteria, then DLookup() returns the first record he finds in the table.

  • Figured it out. There was actually a typo in the [Safety Tag number] field name. So It would ignore that criteria. – JPC Nov 9 '18 at 16:40

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