How do use an if statement for numericUpDown value is less than label value?


operator '<' cannot be applied to operands of type 'string' and 'decimal'.

       if (lblCookieInventory.Text < numCookiesSold.Value)

            // subtract item sold
            cs.CookieInventory = cs.CookieInventory - System.Convert.ToInt32(numCookiesSold.Value);

            // calculate invenotry value
            cs.CookieInventoryPrice = cs.CookieInventory * cs.CookiePrice;

            // return to list
            CookieScout[index] = cs;


            // clear number sold
            numCookiesSold.Value = 0;
        // Update datafile

You're comparing a string to a decimal type. Change lblCookieInventory.Textto Decimal.Parse(lblCookieInventory.Text) and it will work.

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