Hey there I have a date/time chart with 2 series in it, I want the ability when I swap out data-sets to also move the top layer to the background. I cannot seem to find anything like that in the documentation, and to be clear I dont want to shut off one series to see another I just want to be able to swap there position. without rearranging the data or scales. is each scale tied to the foreground and back ground? any help would mean a lot. This chart library has been completely on point.enter image description here

  • "in the documentation" 👈 in the documentation for what? – Phil Nov 9 at 2:26
  • swapping foreground and background charts with out shutting one off. or swapping scales, there seems to be no option I can find, I just want to know if its possible. – James Weeks Nov 9 at 18:14

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