We're evaluating crnk (since Katharsis is dead) for implementing json:api. We're also considering having multiple API versions in a single binary, so that all versions are more continuously maintained/scanned. Finally, we've selected the URI versioning strategy, thus our URIs will contain /v1, /v2 etc. We are using Spring Boot 1.5.

In typical @RestController RESTServices, you can easily specify @RequestMapping paths to allow for multiple versions in a URI...

    @RequestMapping(value = "/customers/{identifier}", method = RequestMethod.GET, produces = "application/json")

    @RequestMapping(value = "/customers/{identifier}", method = RequestMethod.GET, produces = "application/json")

However, in crnk, how is this done? I've somewhat found a workaround by adding the API version to the resource path, but that feels horribly wrong.

@JsonApiResource(type = "customer", resourcePath = "/v1/customers")
public class Customer {

    private long identifier;

This will indeed put the customers resource beneath the API version, but it feels like I'm versioning the resource, rather than the API. Furthermore, as I attempted this earlier today, I ended up creating copies of all the resources and repositories which created bean conflicts and other issues.

Has anybody found a clean way of doing this, or will we need to use separate binaries for different API versions?

Thanks for your time!


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