i am using codeigniter. i want to cout like this if i found 1 subject = fail then all result =f/fail . i how write query. i use group by beasue 1 stuent have many class data .

My table

enter image description here How can write this query . i want to if one or many subject get fail mean f . then getMark =f or getMark = 4.40 like .


CREATE VIEW result as SELECT name as name,roll as roll,class as 
 class,subject_name as subject,exam_type as exam_type,sum(full_mark) as 
full_mark,sum(getmark) as getmark, if(gpa =='f', 'F',sum(gpa)) as 
total_gpa FROM mark GROUP by roll,class,exam_type
  • Sharing the table schema would help and a sample data with couple of rows. – CS_noob Nov 9 at 5:35
  • check i add table photo – Hasan Sheikh Nov 9 at 8:34
  • Have you tried CASE statements.? – CS_noob Nov 9 at 14:30

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