I have a MainThing.launch starting the Simulator with my.package.MainThing as the argument. At first, I thought, I'd just copy and modify the Launch Configuration, but changing the program argument to my.package.TheOtherThing changed nothing. Still, the "MainThing" gets started.

So I thought, I could copy the launch file and change the line


to contain my.package.TheOtherThing instead, but even after an Eclipse restart, nothing changes.

So what should I do in order to have multiple launches?


You can run the simulator file multiple times, I'm guessing that what you are trying to do is run two separate main files. This is determined by the package and class name within codenameone_settings.properties which you need to change to run a different main class.

  • This is pretty uncomfortable and sounds like a bug: The argument to Simulator seems to be simply ignored, which is confusing. – maaartinus Nov 9 '18 at 6:45
  • Historically we used the argument then moved to use the content of the file. We never removed the argument from the newly created project. Using the settings file is better as it's more consistent across IDE's – Shai Almog Nov 10 '18 at 4:53

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