I am new to creating Wordpress templates (I'm primarily a front-end developer), and I've created a template that shows the featured image. For whatever reason, it displays white space below the image. The margin and padding is set to 0, so this is a big mystery to me. Here's my template code:

echo '<div class="featured-image">';
echo '</div>';

And here's what it's showing: Image with white space below

If you can see the site, here it is: https://staging.orangesocks.org/this-is-my-story/

  • This is not a PHP problem, it's just HTML/CSS. Provide the HTML code that's generated by PHP, and relevant stylesheet rules. – miken32 Nov 9 '18 at 5:08

Found the answer. Because an image is inline element, it was adding white space below. Adding display:block to the image fixed the issue.

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