I want to deploy a basic web service that consists of (1) a node.js express server; and (2) a postgres database, onto AWS. It seems like there are endless permutations of resources for various needs, but my deployment criteria are these: - simple - cheap - use CloudFormation templates to deploy as a stack

Express Server: EC2 seems like the obvious choice, but from my reading this is always paired with an VPC or AMI or Elastic Beanstalk or whatever-product-de-jure, or several of them, so I'm unable to understand what resources are critical to an MVP and which ones are nice-to-haves.

Postgres: RDS or Aurora? The differences here seem less important. If it matters, the database is read-only.

ECS: I have working docker containers for both parts of the app, so ECS is also an option, I think?

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