I have a multiselect combobox in which a preselected value 'All' set. Is it possible to unselect the first value when other values are selected.

This is the function I have already in my controller:

onComboChange: function (combo, newValue) {
    if (Ext.isEmpty(newValue)) {

Combo box defined in form:

    xtype: 'combobox',
    itemId: 'FilterCombo',
    multiSelect: true,
    name: DSO.model.statistiques.ManagerStatisticsModel.GESTIONNAIRE_FIELD,
    fieldLabel: DSO.app.bundle.getMsg('attribution.gestionnairsPopup.title'),
    valueField: DSO.model.SelectItem.SELECT_ITEM_VALUE_FIELD,
    displayField: DSO.model.SelectItem.SELECT_ITEM_LABEL_FIELD,
    store: prestataireStore,
    labelAlign: 'top',
    defaultValue: '0',
    queryMode: 'local'
  • so you load the combo with all of the items selected and then you want to unselect first one immediately? – beso9595 Nov 9 at 12:17
  • the first value is selected by default and upon selecting other values other than the first the one, the first label should be unselected. – user10538519 yesterday

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