I'm having trouble re-positioning on scroll some divs that we build on load. The divs are hidden on load and on hover of a form input they reveal basically a crosshair that shows what part of the page you're now updating. The problem is, when we scroll they're still positioned to on page load location. We want to update them on page scroll down to reflect the new crosshair location:

    var numItems = $('.isFormInput').length;

    var ts = 0;
    $('.isFormInput').each(function(i, obj) {
        * Get the div and select it
        var theTargetDiv = $(this).attr('id');
        var theTargetDivSelector = "."+theTargetDiv;
            theTargetDivSelector = $(theTargetDivSelector);
        * build the divs and append to container div "dashboard-content"
        var g = document.createElement('div');
        g.setAttribute('class', "boxMeW " + theTargetDiv + "_w");
        var e = document.createElement('div');
        e.setAttribute('class', "boxMeH " + theTargetDiv + "_h");
        * build and get positions/sizes
        var h1W = theTargetDivSelector.innerWidth();
        var h1H = theTargetDivSelector.innerHeight();
        var leftPos  = theTargetDivSelector.offset().left;
        var rightPos = theTargetDivSelector.right  + $(window)['scrollLeft']();
        var topPos   =  theTargetDivSelector.offset().top;
        var bottomPos= theTargetDivSelector.bottom + $(window)['scrollTop']();
        * Create the on the fly css for the targeted divs
        var adjust_for_side_bar = $( "th" ).first().innerWidth();
        var adjust_for_header = $( ".bgnav" ).first().innerHeight();
        //var hey = $( "th" ).first().innerWidth();
        $("." + theTargetDiv + "_w").css({
            height: h1H,
        $("." + theTargetDiv + "_h").css({
            width: h1W,

enter image description here

  • It sounds like your crosshairs are in fixed position, when they should be absolutely positioned relative to the thing they are highlighting. You shouldn't need to update any positions on scroll; you need to set the target to position: relative then append the crosshair to the target and set it to position: absolute. – Will Nov 9 at 8:02

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