I'm specifically interested in an efficient solution for rbinding two data frames with the same columns in the same order. I'm trying to stay within the tibble/dplyr framework to avoid continually converting objects to different classes, but I can't seem to find a method close to the performance of data.table.



# create tibble and data.table
tb2 <- tb <- as_tibble(matrix(data=rep(1:5, 20000), ncol=20000, nrow=5, dimnames=list(NULL, paste0('c',1:20000))))
dt2 <- dt <- as.data.table(tb)

system.time(temp1 <- rbind(tb, tb2))       # 0.2s
system.time(temp2 <- bind_rows(tb, tb2))   # 31s
system.time(temp3 <- rbind(dt, dt2))       # 0.02s

Is there anything within base or dplyr that matches the performance of data.table in this instance?

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