I know that how to hide/show PHP Notice Error, So my question isn't a duplicate question of How do I turn off PHP Notices? or sinilar questions.

There is a notice error in my project. Unfortunately, I can't fix it because it is coming from required third party plugin and I have no time to totally study that third party plugin.

I can't off all errors since I am still building some parts, But it is frustration seeing above error. So is there any way to hide only that errors from displaying?

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    Nope, instead let the libs maintainers know by opening an issue. – Lawrence Cherone Nov 9 at 5:18
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    try-catch to the rescue if you know where to find it – comphonia Nov 9 at 5:19
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    @comphonia an E_NOTICE level error isn't going to throw an exception – Phil Nov 9 at 5:23
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Use the error_reporting() function to temporarily disable specific error levels...

$errorLevel = error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE); // disable E_NOTICE errors


error_reporting($errorLevel); // restore error level

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