I have an image with demensions ‪13376x1728‬. I have created mdpi, hdpi, ... and so on different sized and placed all of them in proper folders.

I have tested with emulator (Galaxy S8) and Meizu M3s and everything is working great. BUT in NOTE 8, the image is not showing up.


I have tried to google but could not find anything. Any suggestions are welcome.

res hierarchy enter image description here

  • Please post a pic of res hierarchy of your drawable. – Ümañg ßürmån Nov 9 at 5:30
  • @Ümañgßürmån posted. – Usease Nov 9 at 5:44
  • I see that you don't have this pic in normal drawable folder, just place this pic in normal drawable folder or you can create another folder with drawable-nodpi folder name and add this image in that folder and try. – Ümañg ßürmån Nov 9 at 5:54
  • @Ümañgßürmån tried. did not help. Any other suggestions? – Usease Nov 9 at 6:16
  • Have you tried drawable-nodpi? If this also did not help, please post your xml and activity code. Are you getting any error? – Ümañg ßürmån Nov 9 at 6:18

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