My app uses the FBSDKLoginButton in the MainMenuViewController class. I made the class conform to the FBSDKLoginButtonDelegate protocol and set the button's delegate to be self. I was then able to use the loginButtonWillLogin(_ loginButton:) delegate function to check for a network connection and activate the networkActivityIndicator. Then, I deactivate the networkActivityIndicator in the loginButton(:didCompleteWith:) delegate function.

I would like to do the same in another view controller, but it would be for the FBSDKShareButton. The problem is the FBSDK does not appear to have a built in delegate property for the share button. I found the FBSDKSharingDelegate, but it does not contain a method that fires when sharing begins. It only has functions for didComplete, didFail, and didCancel. I could use these to stop the network activity indicator, but how would I detect when to start the network activity indicator?

It seems like this is something that should be built into the FBSDK, but I cannot seem to find anything in the documentation.

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