Pardon me if I am using wrong standard pig names as I am new to it.

I have 2 dataframes in Pig (X and Y). Both having variables: j1 and j2. I am doing below operations:

A = JOIN X by (j1) left outer, Y by (j1);

SPLIT A into B (IF Y::j1 IS NULL), C otherwise;


Here, if we do DUMP B then there is no data inside it. If we do DUMP C then data d1 appears. But when I do DUMP D then the same data d1 appears, which is wired because B did not have any data points.

Can someone tell why it is happening?

NOTE: I have tried:

  1. Storing B and then looking manually into part files but nothing is there in B.

  2. I have also Stored A, then came out of session and then started the session in grunt and Loaded A and then executed last 2 lines of the code (i.e split and foreach). And when I am doing this then the code is working as expected and DUMP D is not showing any output data (which is correct).

  • Are you sure that your second statement runs without error? You need to tell Pig which j1 you are referring to: X::j1 or Y::j1. The decision might result in B having or not having data due to the left outer join. While adding DUMP statements are you sure that none of your other statements are changing? – Rajeev Atmakuri Nov 9 at 8:00
  • Hi, apologies for the typo. I have added Y::j1 in the code. And now the code is exactly same with no changes at all. So no other statements are changing while dumping. – Bhuvi007 Nov 9 at 8:28

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