As the spark docs says,it support kafka as data streaming source.but I use ZeroMQ,And there is not a ZeroMQUtils.so how can I use it? and generally,how about other MQs. I am totally new to spark and spark streaming, so I am sorry if the question is stupid.Could anyone give me a solution.Thanks BTW,I use python.


I assume you are talking about Structured Streaming.

I am not familiar with ZeroMQ, but an important point in Spark Structured Streaming sources is replayability (in order to ensure fault tolerance), which, if I understand correctly, ZeroMQ doesn't deliver out-of-the-box.

A practical approach would be buffering the data either in Kafka and using the KafkaSource or as files in a (local FS/NFS, HDFS, S3) directory and using the FileSource for reading. Cf. Spark Docs. If you use the FileSource, make sure not to append anything to an existing file in the FileSource's input directory, but move them into the directory atomically.

  • I finally did it in java with a Custom Receiver, but still thanks, I'll check Structured Streaming. – youngjack Nov 13 '18 at 3:43

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