I have an application with 2 entities USER , ROLE having ManytoMany relationship. So in database I have 3 tables user, role, user_role. I am using Spring Boot for Application. Now I m designing Admin Panel so I need to display all info of every user.

Now i got stuck how to fetch role with user. I am using JPA + Hibernate

  • Please post your code that we can easily provide you solutions. – Deedar Ali Brohi Nov 9 '18 at 6:53

it basically need 2 query. 1. are you admin? 2. find every user.

User user = UserRepository.findByUserId(your pk or id .. etc);
boolean isAdmin = "ADMIN".equals(user.getRole()) (if your field is String or Role.ADMIN ... etc)

    List<User> everyUsers = UserRepository.findAll();
    return everyUsers;
    return "Not Auth";

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