For color, I can use dialogBackgroundColor property to give AlertDialog background my own color.

I was looking to use Gradient as my background. How can I use that? DecoratedBox is something that will be needed, but I don't know what to wrap in what. Can anyone give me idea or link for the same?

  • If you are using only content without title in AlertDialog - then you can wrap content in Container with gradient background – Andrey Turkovsky Nov 9 at 8:18
  • I am using Title too. So, it won't work in my case. Now I can also change the content to have title there. But again I was looking for some better solution – Volley Ball Nov 9 at 8:34

In build method of AlertDialog there is return Dialog(child: dialogChild, shape: shape);. In - it returns Material(color: _getColor(context), .... There is no way to set gradient background for AlertDialog without customization.

I can add example if it'll be needed.

P.S. Or you can call showDialog and send another widget instead of AlertDialog.

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