I am trying to design a generic data model for tracking events or behavioral data from various websites and applications. I would like to hear your experience and what worked well for your case.

I looked at data model suggested by snowplow (https://snowplowanalytics.com/blog/2013/08/12/towards-universal-event-analytics-building-an-event-grammar/) and it looked pretty appealing to me. But wondering whether it can be used to capture very rich set of data. For example, when we want to track a click activity, we would like to record user_id, session_id, device information, content_id, other content metadata, url being clicked on and a lot more attrbutes. I can introduce a generic bucket to capture all of the other stuff. Just curious to hear from others experience.

What is the approach thats typically used? A generic schema or a custom schema for every use case? What has worked successfully for people in applications running in production environment.

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