Using Morphia and mongo-java-driver, I'm connecting to a mongo server:

MongoClientOptions.Builder builder = MongoClientOptions.builder();
        MongoClientOptions sslOptions =;

        MongoClient mongoClient = new MongoClient(serverAddressList, Arrays.asList(mongoCredential), sslOptions);

Where serverAddressList is the host:port list and mongoCredential using kerberos auth are created as:

MongoCredential mongoCredential = MongoCredential.createGSSAPICredential("user@REALM.COM");

I want to setup a custom Connection Pool Parameters using:

  1. maxPoolSize
  2. minPoolSize
  3. maxIdleTimeMS etc.

To achieve this I found ConnectionPoolSettings.Builder and com.mongodb.connection.ConnectionPoolSettings Classes.

I searched a sample code here:

ConnectionPoolSettings connectionPoolSettings = ConnectionPoolSettings
        MongoClientSettings settings = MongoClientSettings

Can someone please suggest a way of applying these settings to get an Instance of MongoClient ?

Libraries which are being used:

dependencies {
    compile 'org.mongodb:mongodb-driver-sync:3.4.3'
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Finally figured out the correct way of setting the connection pool parameters, so answering my own question here.

I browsed the source code for MongoClientOptions here where the connectionPool parameters are being set as follows:

connectionPoolSettings = ConnectionPoolSettings
                    * getConnectionsPerHost())
                    .maxWaitTime(getMaxWaitTime(), MILLISECONDS)
                    .maxConnectionIdleTime(getMaxConnectionIdleTime(), MILLISECONDS)
                    .maxConnectionLifeTime(getMaxConnectionLifeTime(), MILLISECONDS)

We can see that the minSize and maxSize values are being fetched from getMinConnectionsPerHost(); and getConnectionsPerHost(); methods. So to change and customize the connection pool parameters at client code we can simply add maxConnectionIdleTime and minConnectionsPerHost values to the builder as follows:

MongoClientOptions.Builder builder = MongoClientOptions.builder();
    MongoClientOptions sslOptions =;

This code successfully opens up the minimum specified connections to the mongodb server host.

LOG : 00:20:00,714 INFO  [org.mongodb.driver.connection] (pool-1-thread-1) Opened connection [connectionId{localValue:50}] to

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