I would like to know, How can i get the location of ChatBot user with DialogFlow. It is to avoid asking him and simplifying the communication.

(Sorry my english is bad)

  • for which platform you are creating the bot? – Abhinav Tyagi Nov 9 at 8:34
  • I use twilio for use chatbot with phone text message – Bastien Choisy Nov 9 at 10:56
  • There is no inherent location for a user chatting over SMS, so you will need to ask. Sai.raj's answer below should help you. – philnash 22 hours ago

Dialogflow provides Helpers for that purpose.

Refer the Official Documentations which has an example of accessing user's location: https://developers.google.com/actions/assistant/helpers#place_and_location

Hope that helps!

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