I am trying to figure out how to generate a survival curve and P-value of a specific time window and not of the entire dataframe.

i can't simply cut-off all records which have survival times longer than x days, as below. Then all survival probability drops to 0% since there simply isnt anybody alive beyond x days anymore.

#dat <- dat[dat$diff_in_days <= 730, ]

In the survfit function I can specify start.time and it only plots the records that have a greater time than specified.

dat_survfit <- survfit(dat_surv ~ Schedule, data = dat, start.time = 100)

All i would like is to be able to specify an end.time. It would stop plotting from there on and generate the P-value from start.time till end.time. (I checked documentation, survfit doesnt have such parameter)

I don't mind how elegant it is anymore, i'm now bound by a deadline and can't figure it out.

How can I specify an end.time for survfit or split my dataframe so, that it only draws a survival curve starting from x days and ending at x days and calculates the p-value between these number of days.

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    Could you please provide a minimal reproducible example? – Mr_Z Nov 9 at 9:21

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