I am trying to edit a particular JSON file using Ansible. The file is present in remote servers which have to be logged in using LDAP authentication.

The file path is /etc/sensu/conf.d/client.json

and the line that I want to edit is as follows:

"subscriptions": ["Nginx", "Primus", "B2B", "Docker_Process_Check", "EBS", "base"],

I want to add one more value ("filebeat") in that line which after that should look like

"subscriptions": ["Nginx", "Primus", "B2B", "Docker_Process_Check", "EBS", "base","filebeat"],
  • What did you try so far? What is your operating system? – Laurenz Albe Nov 9 at 8:30
  • It is mac os..But I am trying to update the same in multiple ec2 linux instances..I was trying with lineinfile inbuilt module but that does not work for json I guess..Any inbuilt module present for doing the same. – Antarjyoti Sen Nov 9 at 10:04

AFAIK there's still no builtin module for JSON manipulation.

Either use 3rd-party module (like ghetto-json),

or make a complex regular expression with replace module (i.e. search for "subscriptions": [<...>] and place ,"filebeat" just before closing ]. You can use regex101.com to craft and test required expression.

Please also inspect this answer for additional info.

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