I am having trouble creating a new Router with my OpenStack-based Cloud IaaS provider.

I am posting the following to their networks "v2.0/routers" API:

        "name": "Test__Router",
        "admin_state_up": true,
            "network_id": "<their public network id>",
            "enable_snat": false,
            "external_fixed_ips": [{
        "distributed": false

and what I am getting back is a HTTP Forbidden code with a JSON block indicating "disallowed by policy", "PolicyNotAuthorized", from Neutron (which I presume is the OpenStack networking service).

I have tried various combinations of SNAT being enabled and not. I have found posts on the open stack git hub discussing issues with distributed being defaulted to true, so I have forced false.

The help on the OpenStack docs give an indication of the external_gateway_info structure but no detail as to what each attribute of that element means.


Should I be adding external fixed ips? Would this cause this problem? If so, what precisely does that section mean?

Thanks in advance for any help or leads you could provide!

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