My code workes perfectly for other queries, but for one query I am infinitely getting the same tweet. I can't understand what the problem is.

API call:

        query='Allergic asthma OR Nonallergic asthma OR Occupational asthma OR EIB OR Exercise-induced bronchoconstriction OR Nocturnal asthma OR Cough-variant asthma'
        new_tweets =, count=100, since_id=since_id, lang='en',tweet_mode='extended')

        if not new_tweets:
            print("No more tweets found")
        for tweet in new_tweets:
            if True:
                print(jsonpickle.encode(tweet._json, unpicklable=False))

                my_file = open('searchTweets.txt','a')
                my_file.write(jsonpickle.encode(tweet._json, unpicklable=False)+'\n')


Output in file:

These are the JSONs of the same Tweet.

Other queries that work:

  • Breast cancer OR Prostate cancer OR Colon cancer OR Lung cancer
  • Type 2 diabetes OR Type 1 diabetes OR Prediabetes OR Gestational diabetes
  • IBS OR D-IBS OR C-IBS OR A-IBS OR Irritable Bowel Syndrome OR Cure

The Standard Search API recommends using 10 keywords and operators. In my query, I was using more than 10 for each. So I tried reducing the number of keywords ( which also reduced the number of operators) and it worked!

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