I searched a lot in the net in the last two days, but didn't find an appropriate answer.

I'm using a third party app for engineering calculations. The third party app offers the possibility to use external functions e.g. C-Code for own developed algorithms. Basically this self created function is linked to the application using a make file and mingw compiler. The third party app is kind of blackbox and given as a xxxx.a file. This a.file, some other Fortran scripts and my own C-Function are linked and generate an executable, that I can use.

I would like to use OpenMP in my C-Function but I'm not sure whether it is possible to run my C-Code on different CPU cores. Does this depend on the realization and implementation of my third part app? As far as I know the main program (xxxx.a) just runs on one core.

If this is not possible, would a DLL with OpenMP and my code called from the linked Wrapper-C-code work to speed up simulations?

Thanks in advance and kind regards Simon

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