Getting the index of nan values from where condition and passing it to original array but it is returning empty

url = ''
iris_2d = np.genfromtxt(url, delimiter = ',', dtype = 'float')# random number from 0 to 150 as high is none
iris_2d[np.random.randint(150, size = 20), np.random.randint(4, size = 20)] = np.nan

( iris_2d[np.where(iris_2d[a,b]==np.nan)])
  • By definition nan!=nan which is why your code does not work. – Paul Panzer Nov 9 at 9:18
  • thank you i know now. – Rajneesh Master Nov 9 at 10:40
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I downloaded the data from the url that you mentioned, and saved it as 'iris_data.txt'. Try the following code. It gives you indices of nan in the numpy array iris_2d.

import numpy as np

iris_2d = np.genfromtxt('iris_data.txt', delimiter = ',', dtype = 'float')

nan_indx = np.argwhere(np.isnan(iris_2d))

print nan_indx.shape
print " " 
print nan_indx[0:5,:]


(150, 2)

[[0 4]
 [1 4]
 [2 4]
 [3 4]
 [4 4]]
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