The app is written using Ionic. I have a shopping cart where i'm adding products. The product is an object with a note and quantity property. After i use the PushProductAction({ product })); the note property is concatenated with itself, i.e. i'm adding 3 products to cart with a note 'cold', in the cart this product will have the note property equal to 'coldcoldcold'.


export class AppState {
  categories: Category[];
  shopcart: ShopCart;
  profile: Profile;
  userdata: UserData;


        private events: Events,
        public store: Store<AppState>,

pushToCart(product: Product) {
        product.quantity = product.quantity ? ++product.quantity : 1;
        product.withHalf = this.halfProductStatus; PushProductAction({ product }));

After the product is added :

goToConfirm(event, desktop = false) {

        for (let index = 0; index < this.count; index++) {
        this.fixDesign.CreateToast('Product has been added to cart successfuly', 'successToast');



export class PushProductAction implements Action {
  readonly type = ActionTypes.PUSH_CART;
  constructor(public payload: { product: Product; half?: boolean }) {

P.S. I'm a beginner in angular, if you need more code snippets please let me know.

  • where is note set? – Suraj Rao Nov 9 at 8:54
  • It is in the product.model.ts. (Product class) – Mark Nov 9 at 15:54

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