I have a problem running my script as a service.

I don't understand what to do with paths.

What I have:

      main.py (main code)   service.py (template to install and run main.py
         /      |        \  
subdir/         subdir/   config.ini
script1.py      script2.py

What in main.py: 1. I read config.ini and get variables with paths, i.e.:

dir = D:\\ExcelToSQL
workbook1 = workbook1.xls
workbook2 = workbook2.xls
workbook3 = workbook3.xls

user = root
password = password
host = localhost
database = database
port = 3306
ssl_ca = 
ssl_verify_cert = 
ssl_key = 
ssl_cert =
encoding =
  1. script1 for changing values in XLS workbooks just functions with args and params script2 for importing in MySQL DB, again just functions. All variables come from config.ini

Main problem when I debug my service. It can't read config.ini:

Error 0xC0000003 - The instance's SvcRun() method failed

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Python\lib\site-packages\win32\lib\win32serviceutil.py", line 839, in SvcRun
  File "D:\rs_al\IdeaProjects\ExcelToSQL\PyXLSQL\service.py", line 31, in SvcDoRun
  File "D:\rs_al\IdeaProjects\ExcelToSQL\PyXLSQL\service.py", line 37, in main
  File "D:\rs_al\IdeaProjects\ExcelToSQL\PyXLSQL\pyxlsql.py", line 14, in app
    path = config.get ("XLS", "dir")
  File "C:\Python\lib\configparser.py", line 780, in get
    d = self._unify_values(section, vars)
  File "C:\Python\lib\configparser.py", line 1146, in _unify_values
    raise NoSectionError(section) from None
configparser.NoSectionError: No section: 'XLS'

(null): (null)

I know where is an issue: in main.py: print(sys.argv[0]) output C:\Python\lib\site-packages\win32\PythonService.exe

Is it possible to run the service as I want? Because now it is looking for ini file in C:\Python\lib\site-packages\win32\PythonService.exe.

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