I took a lot of 360 photos, and on each picture I know where north is (it's always the middle). For example: if the image is 4096 wide, north is at 2048.

Loading an image in VrPanoramaView loads the middle of the image by default. So north on the image, is in the middle of the screen. Which is nice.

My goal is:

  • to load the image
  • rotate it towards north
  • turn off touch input and rely on the gyroscope to keep right the rotation

VrWidgetRenderer has a method for panning:

public void onPanningEvent(float translationPixelX, float translationPixelY) {
    if (this.nativeRenderer != 0L) {
        this.nativeOnPanningEvent(this.nativeRenderer, translationPixelX, translationPixelY);

Using the sensors (just sensors, no gps), I can get the azimuth value for north.

Now I would like to translate that Degree difference to north, to panning event in pixels.

translationPixelX is undocumented, so I don't know what that is, or what is happening in nativeOnPanningEvent.

If I call it with translationPixelX value 1, or 4096, or 1080 (screen width), it's not doing what I think it should.

  • 4096(image width) does not rotate 360 degrees. It's less.
  • 1080(screen width) does not rotate 90 degrees. It's less.

With what value should I call onPanningEvent to rotate 360 degrees?

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