I am new to IBM-MQ and trying to understand how we can perform unit testing on message flows.

I am aware of the tools like CA Lisa to do Service Virtualization and testing at system testing level.

But in my case I am looking for the unit testing framework like Java Junit tests where developer can create tests and required stubs to test the IBM MQ Message flows independently.

Thank You in advance.

We write integration tests against deployed flows. We use the Spring Testframework and Junit as a base.

Here are some thoughts about our testing:

  • For synchronous dependencies we either write mock flows that we deploy in a separate IIB application, or we use JUnit helpers for things like SMTP and LDAP.

  • For asynchronous dependencies like IBM MQ we use in our tests the JmsTemplate or directly the IBM MQ classes for JMS to send and receive messages. Before each test we clean the queues with PCF messages.

  • For file nodes we use the environment variable MQSI_FILENODES_ROOT_DIRECTORY in the real flow and in Junit to easily find the files. We also clean the File input and output directories before each test to start clean.

  • To speed up the unit tests and to test things like assert that no message arrived we subscribe in our Junit tests to Monitoring Events. When we receive the Transaction End event we are sure the flow is finished and can assert that a file is there, that no message is on a certain queue, etc.

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