I have a project to work on software effort estimation using R script. I have no idea where to start from as I am learning R and tutorials about effort estimation but after studying and trying for several weeks, I am not able to combine both i.e writing effort estimation code in R.

I will highly appreciate if someone help me in finding such videos/tutorials/papers on the web. Thanks everyone.

  • read community guidelines to post any question – sai saran Nov 9 at 10:08
  • whats wrong with the question? – Khan Nov 9 at 10:13
  • need to be add some sample data or sample things u tried or sample outputs needed ...so please read community guidelines – sai saran Nov 9 at 10:14
  • I dont have any data as I did not try any example related to effort estimation using R. I just need a start with links to similar projects/examples on the web – Khan Nov 9 at 10:22
  • stackoverflow.com/help/how-to-ask <- This might give you information on why your question gets downvotes – Nuageux Nov 9 at 10:40

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