I'm trying to estimate models with three-way interactions in R lavaan using the syntax terms operator : (which works fine with two-way interactions). It seems that lavaan ignores the three-way interaction.

To reproduce the problem, one can use


[1] "x1"    "x2"    "x3"    "x1:x2" "x2:x3"

Am I missing something?

I have only used Lavaan a few times, but have you tried to create the interaction term and inserting it into the model? I am assuming these are observed variables because the ":" works for observed but not latent variables. i.e.,

interaction <- x1*x2*x3

f1 <- "y ~ x1 + x2 + x3 + x1:x2 + x2:x3 + interaction"

I do not know why the ":" does not work for three way interactions. Also, good luck interpreting your three-way interaction!

  • Yes, of course, you can create the interaction term by multiplication. I was interested in the ":" operator, because I need it for estimating models in a programmatic way (within other functions). Thanks anyway for the reply. – mcfanda Nov 10 at 20:06

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