I am trying to scrape data from 1001crashes.com in R, I want to extract all the data to tables with columns Date, Airline, Aircraft, location, people on board and Fatalities. The link is - https://www.1001crash.com/index-page-plane_database-lg-2-numpage-2018.html

I dont know how to proceed after this. Here I am trying to extract data for three years.

years <- c("2016", "2017", "2018")

urlYears <- paste0("https://www.1001crash.com/index-page-plane_database-lg-2-numpage-", years,".htm")

urls <- mapply(function(urlYear, year), {
  rowNumber <- urlYear %>%
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    Question has nothing to do with machine-learning - kindly do not spam the tag (removed). – desertnaut Nov 9 at 11:50

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