How can I adjust the optimizer to use a different step size for each DOF? When I print the parameters the step size seems to the the same per dimension.

Any other alternative optimizer that can facilitate this?

result = minimize(
            'disp': verbose,
            # 'maxiter': 1000,
            # 'ftol': 1.0E-8,

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    took me a little while to figure out what a "spicy" optimizer was (now edited to "scipy" ...) – Ben Bolker Nov 9 at 3:14
  • hail to autocomplete! – El Dude Nov 9 at 3:33
  • The step-size is determined by line-search. If you are not familiar with it, don't expect it to be possible (even in theory). Intro. (also gradient-descent != L-BFGS-B) – sascha Nov 9 at 12:10

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