Currently, I develop a model using xgboost which accuracy is 92% and now I am trying to see the bias and variance of my model by plotting the learning curve.

Here is my code:

xgb_params <- list("objective" = "reg:linear",

watchlist <- list(train = train_matrix,test = test_matrix)

bst_model <- xgb.train(params = xgb_params,
                       data = train_matrix,
                       nrounds = 500,
e <- data.frame(bst_model$evaluation_log)
plot(e$iter, e$train_rmse, col = 'blue')

**The train and test error output is** 

[491]   train-rmse:275.988190   test-rmse:285.262756 
[492]   train-rmse:275.954712   test-rmse:285.229706 
[493]   train-rmse:275.933258   test-rmse:285.215637 
[494]   train-rmse:275.917206   test-rmse:285.209808 
[495]   train-rmse:275.909515   test-rmse:285.203552 
[496]   train-rmse:275.861633   test-rmse:285.165009 
[497]   train-rmse:275.828766   test-rmse:285.123657 
[498]   train-rmse:275.801086   test-rmse:285.097107 
[499]   train-rmse:275.681793   test-rmse:285.020081 
[500]   train-rmse:275.655884   test-rmse:284.991364 

And the curve is enter image description here

By looking at the curve, can anyone tell me if this curve is overfitted or not?

Now to plot the learning curve (where X-exis= observation size and Y-axis=error count) don't find any function or library exist in through which I can plot the learning curve easily.

So, can anybody help me on this topic?

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