I am using angularjs with bootstrap .I have one invalid field in form .I need to make red it border when it is invalid (text become red).there is a class in bootstrap .has-error


here is my code http://plnkr.co/edit/neixp9ZARRAQ33gKSV9u?p=preview enter image description here

My field is invalid but border is not red and text is not red,why ?

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You haven't defined anywhere what should happen when the field is invalid.

Angular is adding the class "ng-invalid" when the field is not correct, so you might add this code to your css to get a red border when the input is incorrect:

.form-control.ng-invalid {
    border: 1px solid red;

You need to change the class inside the span, put text-danger in place of help-block. It's the class from bootstrap that refere to an invalid field.

<span id="" ng-if="userForm[key].$invalid" class="text-danger" style="margin-bottom:0">Invalid date </span>

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