I apologise if there is an answer out there, please point me towards the correct duplicate if so.

I'm trying to build a mini gallery which uses lazysizes for lazy-loading, isotope for sorting, and imagesLoaded to reflow the layout when a lazy image is loaded.

For some reason my imagesLoaded function won't update Isotope, but if I log the event and then manually run iso.layout() it DOES reflow the layout. Any ideas what's up?

import lazySizes from 'lazysizes';
const Isotope = window.Isotope = require("isotope-layout/dist/isotope.pkgd.js");
const imagesLoaded = window.imagesLoaded = require("imagesloaded/imagesloaded.pkgd.js");


document.querySelectorAll(".content-gallery .medias").forEach(element => {
    const elem = element;

    const iso = new Isotope(elem, {
        itemSelector: ".media",
        layoutMode: "fitRows",
        percentPosition: true,

    function reflow(){

        .on("progress", reflow)
        .on("always", reflow)
        .on("done", reflow)
        .on("fail", reflow)
        .on("lazyloaded", reflow)
        .on("load", reflow);


If I do a nasty setInterval() then isotope also relflows, so it appears there's something wrong with ImagesLoaded.


The imagesLoaded documentation is misleading, you cannot use .on in native JS to listen for events, you must use element.addEventListener().


function reflow(){

new imagesLoaded(elem);

elem.addEventListener("progress", reflow);
elem.addEventListener("always", reflow);
elem.addEventListener("done", reflow);
elem.addEventListener("fail", reflow);
elem.addEventListener("lazyloaded", reflow);
elem.addEventListener("load", reflow);

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