I've tried multiple different methods to create a self signed SSL certificate on OS X High Sierra - everything seems fine, I've created a certificate, added to the Apache VirtualHost:443 (mod_ssl loaded), but my local site still throws security alerts. Chrome is giving me a NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID, and Safari tells me the 'server unexpectedly quit'.

I've tried methods from turning off Chrome's SSL validation, created a cert with and without a common name, added the generated crt file to the OS X Keychain and set it to 'Always Trust' but still Chrome tells me the certificate is invalid.

The certificate is for a localhost domain configured through an Apache VirtualHost and mapped to 127.0.01 in /etc/hosts.

Can anyone provide a reliable step by step list of commands to create a self signed SSL certificate that will work for OS X High Sierra / Chrome?

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